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Samir Moussa M.D.

Samir Moussa M.D.

Samir Moussa M.D.

ENT Specialist


Medical Diploma, University of Damascus, Syria (1997)
Degree of High Specialization in Otorhinolaryngology, Excellent Rating, Damascus (2004)
AFS Certificate, NANTES University, France (2008)
D.I.U Certificate in pediatric hearing loss and speech disorders, PARIS VI University, France
AFSA Certificate in Face and Nek Surgery, Claude Bernard University, France



Hôtel-Dieu, Nantes, France
EDOUARD HERRIOT Hospital, Lyon, France


    Q (kandyluv) : Hi doctor Samir, i have been having severe throat iching and i want to know the cause and how it can be solved. Thanks

    A (doctor) : Thanx for ur question
    Conditions that may cause itchy throat:
    -Cold windy weather
    -‘Sick building disease’ from excessive indoor heating or air condition
    -Caffeine in coffee, sodas and energy drinks
    -Sjögren’s syndrome
    -Medications, such as antidepressants, drugs to treat urine incontinence
    -Prolonged speaking, singing or yelling may leave you with sore itchy throat that may need few days to resolve.
    -foreign body as piece of fish bone..
    -irritant substanes ,gases from industrial pollution ,dust,house hold cleaners etc...
    -spsychlogical causes pour attract attention..
    -infection of the throat viral ,bacterial or fungi ..
    -siogren s syndrome..
    -GERD gastro-esophageal reflux disease.
    -vomiting..and ther are others causes .
    so we have to treat to try to remove the cause.
    Immediate relief from an itchy throat, when your throat is dry, is by drinking some water. Having a bottle of water or a cup of herbal tea . Being well hydrated is essential. If you excrete at least 200 ml of clear white or yellow urine every morning, you are well hydrated.

    Try to remove the cause. In air pollution, close the windows. Breath through the nose, and do not speak loudly all the day, if possible.

    Q (88Happy90) : Hi Samir.
    I am suffering from .Allergic Rhinitis for about 5 year. 2 years ago I lost my sense of taste n smell. I am seeing a ENT dr. but my condition have not improvedI am using a nasal spray.once a day 2 squits.Once in a while I am able to taste n smell briefly for 5-10 mns. When prescribed presidnone for 2 wks I regain my taste n smell for the period of time taken.I was told this is a steriod and only can only be taken 3 time a year. Is there any chance of recovering the my sense? please advice.Thanks

    A (doctor) : its nice from you to call me (HI Samir) like un close friend .
    ... of these
    symptoms that mean you have nasal cavity or paranasal sinus polype or autre chose so A
    CT scan provides much more detail about the anatomy of the sinuses. have it and let me know les resultates

    Q (manya) : For how long does a patient (aged 5 years) who has had a tonsillectomy use Andolex

    A (doctor) : thanx for ur query
    i think that the ANdolex is an oral rinse ,it has an analgesic effect which takes away the pain ,personalement i dont use it for my patients post tonsillectomy , any way he can use it just for few days.
    if he have fevre +pain u have to call ur ENT.

    Q (relychem) : Dear Dr , How are you ?

    It has been 4 to 5 Days i am having bad throat and lot of cough . Medicin take is Terbutaline and Triprolidine with Pseudpherin combination . Still no comfort .Kindly let us know if there is any other remedy ,

    A (doctor) : The most common cause of a cough is an upper respiratory tract infection, usually viral (such as the common cold) but it can be bacterial. so just i like to ask you how old are you?and is your sore throat getting you down?do you have high fever? if no ican can give you some advice which my grand mother learn it me ;
    drink hot drinks and soup
    avoid cold soft drinks
    gargle with lukewarm salt water with a few drops of lemon at least 3-4 times at day.
    finaly check with your doctor if chills, fever, etc...

    Q (غيث 22) : dear doctor:
    when i change the weather by moving from place to another i get Hoarseness of the voice specialist when i move from dry weather to wet weather...do i have take anything...???

    A (doctor) : thanx for ur query ;
    for the hoarseness that would suggest the need for an office visit its important for examiner the vocal cord.

    Q (ofie) : I have done a nasal wash some 13 years ago. Ever sice I have pais in the pallets and can see some unusual lines in there. Do not have the pain when eating. Pain is intense and worsening. Experiece pains on the forehead, tensed eyes and some traces from my forehad, around the nose to below my nose. ENT ad Dental surgeons dont see aything wrong but it hurts so badly. Please advise

    A (doctor) : sorry , but ur question is nt clear
    what u mean nasal wash//??

    Q (shirlskc) : Hello doctor, I have an year old daughter who has been suffering from nasal congestion and cough intermittently for the last 2 weeks. Tried her on T-minic cold..but with less relief. She has thick mucus coming from nose and a productive cough. Any home remedies or an alternate solution would be appreciated. Thank you.

    A (doctor) : thnx for ur question
    the only treatment that we have to offer is symptomatic. .
    cleaning out the nose with the bulb syringe and serum physiologique may be helped by having the child sleep in a semi-upright position on pillows .
    if fever beyond 48 hours;severe cough consistently interfering with sleep and/or causing vomiting; elevated respiratory rate and persistence of troublesome respiratory symptoms continuously more than 10 jours that would suggest the need for an office visit
    best regards

    A (shirlskc) : Thanks doc...it was of great help ! Have a nice day.

    Q (joudy dib) : I’m a 23 years old female and I suffer of incessant flu during winters since early age . I would like to know if flu vaccines would be helpful to reduce the symptoms of it. Please advise

    A (doctor) : thanx for ur query..
    Various public health organizations have recommended that yearly flu vaccines be routinely offered to patients at risk of complications of influenza and those individuals who live with or care for high-risk individuals, including patients with chronic diseases as : .asthm,
    .congenital heart disease, chronic heart failure, ischaemic heart disease
    . nephrotic syndrome
    finaly i would like to ask u if u have symptomes of nasal allergy ?and did u already taken Nasal Allergy Medications ?

    Q (samir.moussa) : give me the name of medical that u take plz

    A (doctor) : sorry its a wrong query

    Q (غيث 22) : hi,I live in KSA in a dry area I feel Shortness of breath and I feel that I have flue most of the time and i had a medical against flue but i didn't feel good,so what do u think i have to do??

    A (doctor) : thanks for ur question ,
    i think that u have symptoms of nasal obstruction
    may be u have deviation of the nasal septum or hypertrophic inferior turbinates
    so u have to make ctscan for the sinus, if no u have to see un ENT. for the medical that u have its nt good to take it all the time .u can try if u like 2 spray nasal -serumephysiologique
    take care and keep us in touche

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