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Dr. Samer Al-Jneidy

Dr. Samer Al-Jneidy

Dr. Samer Al-Jneidy


-    Has graduated from Aleppo University -  Medical Faculty (1979)
-    Master Degree in Pediatrics (1984)
-    Intensive Care for Neonates.
-    Works at al-kindi educational hospital – University of Aleppo
-    Member of The Pediatrician Association in Aleppo
-    Secretary of The Pediatricians Committee in Aleppo.
-    Works in  a Private Clinic at Faysal Street – Assyrrian  Alqadima – In front of the Customs ‘ building. Telephone Number:+963-21- 2279304


    Q (سوفية) : السلام عليكم حضرة الدكتور عندي بنت اختي عمرها سنة الان تعاني من نقص في الشهية وبالتالي نقص في النمو فوزنها حاليا 7 كغ وبعد عرضها على طبيب وعمل التحاليل طلع عندها فقر دم ونقص بالحديد وبالرغم من تناول الادوية الان لفتح الشهية وقطرات عبارة عن حديد ومشروب الكالسيوم الا ان حالتها كما هي ملاحظة عندها شهرين ونصف وهي تتعاطى هاد العلاج وشكرا على الرد.

    A (doctor) : لفشل النمو أسباب متعددة فإذا نرافق ذلك بفقر الدم الناجم عن نقص الحديد يكون السبب على الأغلب غذائياً، فالعديد من الأمهات يتأخرن في إدخال التغذية المختلطة بعد نهاية الشهر السادس من العمر.
    إن اللحوم والقمح والخضار والفواكه هي أغذية مهمة جداً في هذه المرحلة والحديد بشكل أساسي يتواجد في اللحوم الحمراء، ومهما قامت مصانع الحليب بإضافة الحديد إلى منتجاتها يبقى امتصاص الحديد في الأمعاء ضعيفاً .
    في حالة الطفلة المذكورة من المفيد مقارنة الوزن مع الطول ومعرفة وزن وطول الأبوين وفحص التطور الروحي الحركي وكذلك قياس وظائف الكلية وشوارد الدم.

    Q (aliofliban) : pls doctor my sun 8 years he have no favor but anything he eat he make it out with stomach pane i have a cleron powder with water aded is that god to give him with remedol 6+ thank you

    A (doctor) : we have to know diagnosis befor treatment.Vomiting is a symptom of many diseases.No antibeotics (as cleron ) no paracetamol(remidol)can be given .You can give him frequent small amount of drinks .If vomiting persists please go to your doctor.

    Q (ghaly) : I have an 8 month old who has had fever fro the last two days it comes and it goes they suspect its an infection shoud I give her amoxifur pediatric 250 mg

    A (doctor) : The answer is no..There are many causes of fever one of them is infection ...multiple causes of infection one of them is bacterial...many causes of bacterial some of them can be treated with amoxifur.....so antibeotic can not be given by family without medical consultation .

    Q (Belino) : My 2 year old son started going to Daycare a couple of months ago and since then he's always sick and all related to the respiratory system. Is it true that it's because his immune system is fighting all these new viruses? Is there anything I could do to strengthen his immune system? Also he sweats a lot when he's asleep but only sweating on the head, is it a sign of deficiency of some sort? Thanks.

    A (doctor) : upper respiratory tract infections are two times more prevalent among children going to daycare than others staying home, so this is normal.
    actually, that's due to their immune system fighting new viruses, and that already strengthens their immunity for any future exposure.

    sweating is normal when temperature goes down during illness period, so no need to be worry about this.

    Q (Naseem) : can the child take the vaccine of HBV ? and if he had a fever what shall we do?can he take it ?

    A (doctor) : HBV is the the first vaccin which must be taken after birth, three doses are indicated.
    the first dose is taken directly after birth, the second dose is taken after a month, third dose is taken by interval of six month from the first one.
    if the child has not taken the vaccin before, he can take it any time with the same regim (0-1-6)
    usually, vaccination is contraindicated in case of fever, and the doctor should wait until the fever subsides.

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