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Brand Name Composition Manufacturer Form
Aas Aspirin GlaxoSmithKline Lda TABLET
Aasedatil Aspirin Vitapan Indústria Farmacêutica Ltda TABLET
Ab Chlorhexidine Hcl Laboratorios Saval SA SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Ab Antitusivo Chlorhexidine Hcl, Noscapine Laboratorios Saval SA SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abacateirol Persea Persea, Sodium Salicylate, Methenamine, Theophylline Laboratório Regius Ltda SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abacten Azithromycin Laboratorios Andromaco SA SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abacus Hydroxyzine Hcl Pharmaland (1982) Co. Ltd TABLET
Abaglin Gabapentin Teva Tuteur S.A. CAPSULE
Abaktal Pefloxacin Mesylate Lek SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abaktal Pefloxacin Mesylate Biogal-Teva Pharma Rt SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abaktal Pefloxacin Mesylate Lek Pharma sro SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abalgin Adiphenine Hcl/ Phenobarbital Laboratorios Chile SA Suppositories
Abalgin Adiphenine Hcl/ Propyphenazone Laboratorios Chile SA Suppositories
Abalgin Dextropropoxyphene Hcl DuraScan Medical Products AS CAPSULE
Abalgin Dextropropoxyphene Hcl Oy Leiras Finland AB Hard Capsules
Abamune Abacavir (abacavir Sulfate) Cipla Ltd SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abanifan Diosmin, Hesperidin Biospray S.A. SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abanta Allantoin, Zinc Oxide Laboratorios Columbia de Argentina SA SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abanta Aloe Vera/ Vitamin E Laboratorios Columbia de Argentina SA SOLUTION FOR INJECTION
Abatem Acetaminophen (paracetamol) Wermar Pharmaceuticals SA de CV TABLET

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Dr. Tahsin Martini

Dr. Tahsin Martini Degree status: M.D. in Ophthalmology

Dr . Dirar Abboud

Dr . Dirar Abboud Hepatologist – Gastroenterologist

Dr. Hani Najjar

Dr. Hani Najjar Pediatrics, Neurology

Dr. Samer Al-Jneidy

Dr. Samer Al-Jneidy Pediatrician

Dr. Faisal Dibsi

Dr. Faisal Dibsi Specialist of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Samir Moussa M.D.

Samir Moussa M.D. ENT Specialist

Dr. Talal Sabouni


Yaser Habrawi , F.R.C.S.Ed

Yaser Habrawi , F.R.C.S.Ed Consultant Ophthalmologist

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